AJ Valliant


Professional Vocalist / Songwriter / Actor / Artist & Music Producer For The Melody Maker Project UK.


Paintings By - AJ Valliant


Here are a few examples of my most recent painted creations that have appeared in galleries all around the globe.


I am an ex 90's Boy Band member who is now a Professional Vocalist, Internationally Known Artist, Songwriter, Professional Actor & produce music for those who are Autistic and possess outstanding musical and acting abilities. I am currently a volunteer Music Producer for "The Melody Maker Project UK" and have now reintroduced the "Melody Maker Project" to Salford, in order to show the world that those who are Autistic are still capable of being outstanding professional performers, on and off stage.

I have, in the past, recorded and produced a cover of "A Thousand Years" for a nationally loved "Autistic Vocalist", "Scott James" who was the first "Autistic Adult" to make it into the finals of "X Factor", in 2011. Due to Lack of funding, "The Heroes Project in Trafford & Salford closed, however, the vision of "MBE Terry

Snowden" lives on. Due to the kind actions of an organisation, there is now a "Melody Maker Project" in almost every area of the UK. The Melody Maker Project focuses on those who are musically talented and are part of the Autistic Community.


Name: AJ Valliant

Date of birth: 23rd of April 1971

Nationality: Welsh / Cardiff

Address: Apartment 148, Canon Hussey Court, Islington Way, Salford, M3 5JB

Phone: 07802244496

Email: ajvalliant2025@gmail.com


I am a fully qualified Electrical Design Engineer, who has also been in several successful 90's Boybands. Currently I am a Music Producer for the Melody Maker Project which was one of the Autism Services attached to the Heroes Project, Salford / Trafford and was managed by Mr. Terry Snowden, MBE.



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